Chore Chart

School is in full swing meaning parents are overworked and underpaid

Here are some  some creative ways to get some help around the house-

mom quote

As parents, one of our goals is to raise our kids to become responsible, independent adults. Part of this process could be having kids do chores, although it is safe to say most kids do not see the value in this activity.

Besides becoming proficient at basic household duties, chores can also teach kids responsibility and the importance of making a contribution. Doing chores can make kids feel needed and valued — even if they complain about it!

Chores seems to be a waning part of family life, squeezed out by pressure for kids to compete academically and be involved in lots of extracurricular activities. It has been shown, however, that giving kids chores early (starting at age 2-3) leads to good relationships with family and friends, as well as academic and early career success. Besides creating a sense of self-sufficiency, chores teach empathy and consideration for others, according to psychologist Richard Weissboud of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


What are the right ages for kids to take on certain responsibilities?

The Motherlode,  a blog featured in the New York Times posted this picture breaking down what ages certain chores become appropriate. It shows that children as young as 2 can be incorporated into the chore routines.

chore age chart


Chores may not be fun, but creating a chore chart can be. Here are a couple cute ways to make sure everyone can easily access their responsibilities and communicate when they are done-

to do list


This super cute chalkboard/ clipboard can be created with very simple steps. All you need is chalk board paint or black paint, white paint, and close pins.

There is some controversy around paying kids to help out at home. But If you believe in chore money , this is a super great way to make sure they are seeing reward tied with the chore-

job chart

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