Last Minute Summer Getaways

September is sneaking up rapidly, and if you live in Washington that means our sunshine days are now numbered. School will be back in session which means that dinner, lunches, sports practice, and early bed times will become the daily routine.
If you are not ready to let go of Summer 2017, here are some quick getaway ideas for before the leaves begin to fall that don’t require a plane ticket.
· If camping is your forte, there are areas right in your back yard. Flowing Lake in Snohomish Washington: Flowing Lake Campground is located at 17900 48th SE, Snohomish, WA 98290. It has 23 RV sites, and 15 tent sites so regardless of your preference there is something for you. Pets are welcome at this location, boat launching facilities are nearby. 1 picnic shelter and 1 amphitheater. Reservations are encouraged Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends. Four cabins are available year-round. It also has a playground for ample amounts of easy fun. The trees create a forest-like environment, and you are only 20 minutes away from Bothell.

· Ocean Shores, Washington: Located less then three hours away is a true gem- with a secret. If you are willing to wait until September, Groupon has a deal for a two night stay in a condo for $89. They also have the option to buy two and combine them to equal four consecutive nights. The condo comes with a full kitchen so you can save money on food and cook for yourself. Ocean Shores has miles and miles of beach, an arcade, mini golf, small shops, and in September the town is slow allowing for a peaceful vacation. The small town feel will surely rejuvenate you during the stress of back to school and give the kiddos one last memorable Hoo-Rah for the summer.

· Birch Bay, in Blaine, Washington: Located 15 miles past Bellingham is another family-fun small beach town. The town has many condos with full Kitchens, house rentals, as well as hotels allowing you to pick the right space for you and your family. Along with a beach full of shells, you will also find the cutest ice cream shop and candy store owned by a local Mom and Pop. Birch Bay waterpark is phenomenal if you don’t want to wait in the awful lines that are Wild Waves. It has waterparks and pools galore. Then you will also find an outdoor track for Go-Karts, a train ride thorough a mystical forest for the young-ins, and places to rent water equipment.

· Leavenworth, Washington: Reading that you’re probably thinking “yeah, that place is spendy and PACKED” Well we are heading into one of its
downtimes.  Leavenworth currently has a Groupon for a hotel walking distance from the German themed town for $99. Full of great food, miniature golf and tons of fun shops (check out the hat shop for a good laugh with the family). Within close proximity there are hikes available for the whole family.

· Stay-Cation: It sounds so cliché, but there is something so relaxing about taking time out of the house to relax and enjoy the ones you love. But that goal can be accomplished in the comfort of your own home. And unlike most vacations, after a Stay- Cation you are able to feel rejuvenated and will also save a pretty penny.

· Close-Cation: Following the same lines as a Stay- Cation, will be what we call a “Close-Cation”. Book a couple nights at a local/semi local hotel. You will be able to relax knowing that you can’t do any laundry, the clothes can’t be put away, you don’t have to make dinner and somebody is going to clean all the mess you make. The kids can utilize the hotel pool, and in some locations they can enjoy a continental breakfast over their Sunday morning cartoons.

· Victoria, Canada: With a short four-hour drive, you can send your kids back to school gloating that they took a weekend trip out of the country. Canada takes US currency making finances easy to handle. Victoria has tons of museums, opportunities for whale watching excursions, and a slow pace for adventuring or biking through the city. There is also an option to take a ferry, which is another bonding moment as you can put your travel worries aside and enjoy the ride.

If you happen to have any secret gems for short getaways, share them with us!

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