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~Inviting someone into your house is something so personal. We become a part of your story-We become a helping hand. So here is our story along with some questions describing why we are proud to be Caliber~

What does Caliber mean to you?

Caliber means everything to me. I started the company with my Mom when I was still in college at 20 years old. We did all the cleanings ourselves for the first few years until we could begin hiring employee’s. Even once we began hiring employee’s I had a difficult time stepping away from the cleaning aspect to work on growing the business because I wanted to make sure all our clients were happy with their cleanings. I would spend days on end in houses or facilities making sure everything looked as I would make it look when I did the cleanings. I then went on to start a Window Cleaning business (Caliber Window Cleaning, Inc.) I have a passion for clean homes and great design. My passion for great design was a great way to merge my husband’s company, Caliber Construction NW, with Caliber Cleaning and Caliber Window Cleaning. Trevor shares my passion of great looking homes. Homes are so important to feel comfortable in. They are our safe space, our entertaining space, and so much more. Trevor and I have gone on to flipping homes (in our free time). This is a creative outlet for us to design homes through the remodel process and really make a nice functional home for the new owners. The icing on the cake of each flip is the interior house cleaning and window cleaning to really make the home sparkle.

What do you believe makes Caliber stand out among its competitors? 

I believe that our hands-on attitude from the beginning is what sets us apart from other cleaning companies. As owners, my Mom and I did all of the cleanings ourselves. We know what it takes to make a home clean and to make our clients happy. When we are talking to our crews we are speaking from experience and that is not something many cleaning company owners can say. Many cleaning companies have owners and office staff that stay in the office while they send crews out to do the cleanings. This is completely fine once you have the quality assurance in place, whether it be thru Site Managers, Field Managers, etc. However, if you don’t have that in place the quality will quickly slip resulting in unhappy clients.

How do you choose prices for estimates? 

Prices for estimates are figured out based on the approximate size of the home in combination with the number of bedrooms/bathrooms that we will be cleaning per visit.

What do you believe is the best part about your job? 

The best part about my job is hearing from our clients about how happy they were to come home to a nice clean house. There is nothing like the satisfaction of coming home to a home that just sparkles after a long day at work, running the kids around, sitting in traffic, etc. It’s a day where you can come home and feel like a literal weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I was even told once that our cleaning services saved a client’s marriage [Symbol]

What was your inspiration to start a cleaning company? 

My inspiration to start a cleaning company really comes from my passion for a clean space. It is so important to me in my own home to have every nook and cranny clean and sanitized. I knew that I could funnel this passion into a living if I really put my mind to it. My Mom and I got started and I would clean during the day, then her and I would clean at night. There were many days I would work 16-18 hours cleaning because we took on commercial jobs as well as residential. I get such satisfaction from the end result of everything polished and tidied, it would motivate me to keep going and the company grew from word of mouth rather rapidly.

How do you choose your employees (why their trust worthy in their houses)?

Hiring trust worthy employee’s is the cornerstone of any home service business. When clients are inviting you into their home to provide a service, it is imperative that the client feel comfortable with who is sent. This is very important to us and we take this very seriously. We have our potential employee’s complete an opinion survey prior to granting them an interview. The opinion survey we use measures the candidates attitudes towards customer service, longevity, theft, drug use, ability to take supervision and many other things. If the candidate does not meet our criteria for this survey, we don’t continue with them. If they do meet our criteria for this survey then we go on to interview them, check a minimum of 3 references and run a nationwide criminal background check. If you are thinking of hiring any service into your home, ask them what their screening consists of for who will be in your home. It is not required by law to run a background check so companies can hire anyone and you have no idea what their background is when they come into your home.

What does being licensed, bonded and insured means for your company? 

Being licensed, bonded and insured protects our clients should an unfortunate incident occur. If something were to get broken or damaged in a client’s home, they don’t have to worry about paying to get it fixed or replacing it. If you hire someone on the side and not a licensed, bonded and insured company you are not protected if that person were to steal from you or cause extensive damage in your home. Hiring a licensed, bonded and insured company provides an extra layer of peace of mind.

How has combining the companies changed your company?

 Combining the companies has broadened the scope of work available to our clients within our trusted Caliber brand. If you are hiring Caliber Cleaning, Caliber Window Cleaning or Caliber Construction you are getting service from a trusted professional that does quality work.

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